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Mazatlan has become a popular location for foreigners to invest and retire in Mexico. This is no surprise as, besides being exceptionally well connected and within easy access of the USA and Europe, Mazatlan also offers a wonderful climate, world-class facilities and amenities, an authentic Mexican atmosphere and low living costs. Connect to CANAMERICAN International Real Estate for more information about buying real estate in Mazatlán.
“Real Estate Investment in Mazatlan is the best of the Mexican Pacific”.


Mazatlan is the northern-most resort city on the Mexican Riviera (situated along the Pacific Coast) and is Mexico’s closest mainland resort city to the USA. It is one of the most economical places in Mexico to take a vacation and it’s also host to one of Mexico’s largest commercial shipping ports.

Mazatlan is socially diverse, and attracts people from many different countries and races. There is a strong contingency of Chinese and Italian people living here; although the city also attracts Americans, Canadians and some Europeans looking for an authentic Mexican town without the hyper commercialism of some other resort areas in Mexico.

The Centro Historico (Historic Center) has been undergoing a remarkable renaissance in recent years as property investors have bought up derelict colonial buildings and restored them to their former 18th Century glory. The city authorities are doing their part, too, by improving essential infrastructures such as water, drainage and the local electricity supply grid.

In addition to some fine residences, the historic center is also developing into a lively commercial and cultural center, offering art centers, theater, boutique stores, and fine restaurants situated alongside beautiful tree and flower-laden plazas and patios. Mazatlan is one of Mexico’s most affordable vacation destinations and many Mexicans arrive here every year for their family holidays. The Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) is a stretch of sea-front properties — mostly hotels and condominiums — extending along some four miles of beach. It’s here where the tourists come to stay and spend their vacations, and some expats purchase condos with stunning views across the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortes.

To the south, this vibrant port city faces the Pacific Ocean, and facing north, the Sea of Cortes, a body of water shielded by Mexico’s Baja peninsula. The city’s geographical location — on the same latitude as Hawaii — provides year-round warmth without extreme heat or humidity.

Transport connections include an international airport with direct flights to key US cities (and onward connections to Europe and beyond); a highway leading north to Los Mochis (another port city and the terminus for the breath-taking Copper Canyon Train Journey), the US border. The road south leads to Puerto Vallarta and then to Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city. A twice-weekly ferry also makes a crossing over the Sea of Cortes to the city of La Paz, capital city of the state of Baja California Sur. Due to its latitude, Mazatlan’s climate is more moderate than Mexican coastal cities located further south. The average daytime temperature is 82F/28C, and summertime humidity levels stay largely subdued in comparison to places like Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco.

Mazatlan is still considered a resort city ‘off the beaten track’ by most foreign investors and those who are looking to live and retire in Mexico. This situation provides a unique opportunity and affordability factor that other coastal cities on Mexico’s Pacific coast don’t offer anymore due to their popularity. In addition to being alongside the ocean, this city is totally authentic in style: the real Mexico lives and breathes here every day of the year.

Among the Most Affordable Beach Locations in Mexico Living or retiring in Mazatlan is affordable – possibly the most affordable beach resort city on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Property prices have risen in recent years, but this is a city still in the early stages of a renaissance; in and around the historical center there still exists a mixture of developed and undeveloped colonial properties; and around the edges of the historical center are neighborhoods with ‘fixer upper’ properties being offered for sale — a sure sign that there is much more growth and development to come. The other affordability factor in Mazatlan are living costs: local shops, stores and prices are lower than other beach resorts in Mexico and smaller budgets stretch further: not just at the point of purchasing a property — but also when residents move in and start paying day-to-day living expenses.


Mazatlan has been experiencing a surge of inward investment over recent years: from Mexicans as well as foreigners. This is demonstrated in the renaissance of the historic center as well as the arrival of some new major hotel brands that are building and opening major new resorts south of Mazatlan.

At present, only two cities in Mexico can offer extensive conference facilities: Cancun and Mexico City. A new convention center recently opened in Mazatlan is Mexico’s largest, and it will attract a huge number of visitors to the city for expos and conferences; the expo center is spear-heading the efforts as Mexico positions itself as world-class venue for large meetings and expositions.

A multi-billion dollar investment being led by FONATUR, Mexico’s tourism investment agency, will create a major new resort area about a two-to-three hour drive south of Mazatlan. The area will also have its own airport, and the massive investment being made there will have a positive effect on Mazatlan proper.

A number of large developers are already creating luxury homes and condos in Mazatlan, and extensive projects, like Estrella de Mar situated south of the city and just a ten minute drive from the airport, offers the region’s best golf course, luxury condos, and land plots facing the golf course and/or the Pacific Ocean. It is a prime example of the massive and continuous commitment that major investors are making in this region — and Mazatlan in particular.


A couple of week’s visit to Mazatlan demonstrates that this is a city that has been overlooked by most foreigners for retirement and investment, and also one which is on the cusp of awakening to become an important resort city in Mexico as well as internationally. There is no doubting the massive and continuous investment that is being made here today, and already the number of expatriate residents is beginning to increase as more people discover this resort and port city, that had been largely overlooked by foreigners seeking a place to live in Mexico and left undeveloped by investors since about the 1950’s.

The signs of development are apparent to those who have lived in Mazatlan for a decade or more; and the growth story appears to just be starting. Foreigners who are looking for a variety of property styles, a low cost of living and who want to live among an authentic Mexican environment will do well to consider Mazatlan — clearly an overlooked location on the cusp of a 21st Century renaissance.


The cost of living in Mexico is typically lower than it is the USA, Canada and Western Europe, although precise costs depend upon where you live and your lifestyle choices.