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Real Estate in Mazatlan

Prices of realty in Mazatlan have risen considerably over the last decade, although they still remain at very affordable levels when compared to properties in other Mexican resort cities. The re-development of the central historic district of the city is demonstrating the potential that exists for breathing life into old, ruined buildings, and transforming neighborhoods in and around the city’s central area. Prices have risen as the regeneration takes place, and further developments along the Golden Zone sea-front, as well as north and south of Mazatlan are ongoing.

Prices for real estate continue to hold for desirable properties overlooking the ocean and, as further planned development takes place, the supply of land for dwelling houses and constructed homes is likely to increase in the years ahead.

Most real estate is sold through local realty agents who know the area and the surrounding region, as well as directly through the developers marketing major realty projects, often on prime beachfront locations or on fine golf courses.

Real estate types range from beachfront homes, lots, and condos. There are also a number of time-share projects in and around Mazatlan, and especially in the tourist “golden zone” area of the city (note that time share is not ownership). Private residences (mostly re-sales) are available in the town center of Mazatlan as well as out-of-town, where investors are buying homes offering semi-rural surroundings and ocean and/or mountain views.

The central historical area — and especially the edges of same — exhibits a significant number of buildings in various states of disrepair and ruin and may provide an ideal investment for people who want to create their home by means of a colonial restoration project. Some properties have ‘for sale’ signs posted; others do not; contacting a local realty agent is the best way of finding out what the status of an old (ruined) building may be, and to negotiate the sale if the owner is open to offers.

Rentals Market in Mazatlan
Most rental properties in Mazatlan are offered through local realty agents or by individual property owners listing properties on the Internet or local newspapers and magazines as well as signs posted at restaurants, cafes and bars near the vicinity where the rentals are situated. Some developers rent out their units or rent out units on behalf of owners: check with local developers or a local realty agent for details and further information.

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